JDW is shooting an episode of the new TV series “NOS4A2” in early January and recently appeared on “Law & Order: SVU” and “Blindspot.” She plays the title role in the feature film CONGRATULATIONS DEBBY and played Florence Harding in Rob Ackerman’s new play LOYALTY. She was a Best Supporting Actress Nominee for her performance as Mother Regina Marie in HAIL MARY! at the Human Race Theatre Company, learned to saber a bottle of Champagne for a national Verizon FiOS commercial, and voiced the Pastor in the animated feature MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH MARRIAGE. She plays Erica Moore in the feature film GOOD ENOUGH, now available on iTunes and Amazon, and can be seen as Julianna McKannis, host of “In The Know,” on the Onion News Network.

Commercial Agent:
Phil Cassese and Jerry Kallarakkal
Stewart Talent NY


photo: Xanthe Elbrick